Bills per month, cancel anytime

Let's be clear:   $49/Month

Start 14-days free trial

*no credit card required, no hidden fees

Minimal Server requirements:


Do you offer refund ?

Yes, we do. We offer a 30 days no questions asked money-back guarantee to our customers. PixelK is great, but that's not what matters. It's what you think that matters. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within the first 30 days from your first purchase date, you can cancel your subscription and we will fully refund the cost of your order.

Can I cancel anytime ?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Canceling PixelK is an easy and no-questions-asked process. It can be done online right from within your account.

How can I change licensed domain ?

You can change your domain at anytime in User Center. But be aware that every one can only change their domain three times a month.

Is there any hosting solution that you recommend ?

If you are not sure what hosting you should use, we suggest AWS EC2 and Linode. AWS EC2 is highly recommended if you are familiar with Linux, and you can try it for 1 year at no charge, as long as you are new customer to it. More details about free tier can be found here:

What is one-click installation ?

It's the easiest way to install your tracking system. All you need to do is run one single command in your server, then PHP, MySQL and all other necessary items will be compiled and optimized automatically.

Do I need a hosting ?

Yes, you do. PixelK is a self-hosted tracking software, which keep your data private to only you.